Straw that broke the employees' back

With a name like the 'Tilted Kilt', one might think that this particular sports bar-type pub in Chicago, US, might have a reputation for inebriation, with incidents mainly involving Scottish men, in kilts, falling over and possibly exposing a little too much of themselves.

However it seems that it was more the manager of said establishment, Tom Sotos, who was acting inappropriately by sexually harassing a large number of female employees he was managing, the Chicago Tribune discloses.

'The women allege that the manager's actions included loudly discussing pornography with customers and employees, grabbing [them], using a straw to shoot water down their dresses and 'licking one or more of the [their]' ears.''

The offences, the claimants say, have been carried out over a period of two years and despite regular complaints, nothing has been done by corporate officials or staff at the chain.

The Tilted Kilt: where the word 'jugs' doesn't mean something that carries water to your table.

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