Straight gay support mates

There is no 'pink' scandal to be found here: of famous sports stars supposedly hitting the sack with members of the same sex, whilst being married or claiming to be with a different girl every night.

We've seen the gay exposés that the tabloid media run away with when it comes to the macho world of sports and athletic competition but now, two particular athletes have taken up arms against homophobia. And they're straight.

Introducing Ben Cohen, former England rugby star who recently retired from sports at 32 to be a husband and father to his twin-daughters. Cohen created the 'Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation' after hearing horrific tales of gay abuse from his large following of LGBT rugger fans, Jezebel reports.

Hudson 'Taylor decided to found his organization, Athlete Ally, after witnessing homophobic behavior in college. While taking theater classes where gay students were accepted, he noticed that back in the locker rooms fellow athletes regularly threw around gay slurs. He put off plans to attend law school and now speaks about the issue at colleges, asking athletes to sign a pledge to stop homophobia in sports.'

'Taylor, who drew national attention by wearing a Human Rights Campaign sticker on his headgear while wrestling at the University of Maryland, plans to marry his longtime girlfriend in the fall.'

So the only scandal the papers will be able to work themselves up into a frenzy about - or rather should draw attention to - is the fact that there is still homophobia in competition when all men are considered equal until competition proves otherwise.

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