STOP PRESS: World's first boob-job bra

Whilst women are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pants that could make a man's equipment look bigger (will, actually be bigger would be better, hey girls?), men now have an excuse for crashing their cars on motorways and roads, which isn't that famous Wonderbra ad. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you - well Ultimo gives you - the 'Icon' boob-job bra.

Two years of research and £100k have gone into its creation which guarantees that your front-row rack will look pert, lifted and fuller, and a good ten years younger, the Metro Online imparts.

The Science bit: 'Its secret lies in the mix of natural and synthetic materials and microscopic fibres that are concealed in compressed foam at the bottom of the cup alongside a secret sling.'

Costing a measley £19 (when weighed up against the number of potential dates gained wearing the apparatus), the bra is sure to be a hit with cosmetic reality tv show fans the world over. And with men. In general.

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