Stilettos for sex

A new survey reveals that the sexy look of high heels can improve your sex life in more ways than one. Along with getting your partner going with the sight of your lovely slender legs, they will also improve your sex life.
Wearing a pair of high heels effects pelvic floor activity reducing the need for pelvic floor exercises. When working on the study the researcher took 66 volunteers aged under 50 and measured the electrical activity in the pelvic muscle of the women. She found that women who had their feet at a 15-degree angle – an effect achieved by wearing a 7cm heel – showed up to 15 percent less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles – meaning that on the whole their pelvic muscles were more relaxed. Aaah…
So there you go. Wear heels and have better sex. But just remember, it’s all about moderation. The agony after tentatively teetering around on sky-high stilettos may not leave you in the mood for love and those calluses and corns may not be what gets your partner in the mood either. So stick to the recommended 7cm, eh?

(Image: from mtoz’s flickr stream)

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