Hushed up sex tape for Usher?

Most people now call 'insta-fame' achieved through the 'unintentional' release and circulation of a sex-tape as 'doing a Kardashian', after the reality tv show star who achieved fame through shaking her money-makers on film. But we thought that was just for fame wannabes or daughters of famous actors (Montana Fishburne anyone?) We thought wrong.

R&B superstar is currently featured on a video for sale in America which shows him and ex-wife Tameka Foster having a right old jolly time, the Huffington Post reveals. The tape was never meant to get into the hands of the public (yeah right) as it was among other valuables stolen from him in 2010:

'In December 2010, the star, real name Usher Raymond IV, reported $1,000,000 in valuables, mostly jewelry and two laptops, stolen from his SUV in Atlanta. TMZ says that sources close to the star claim that, if the tape is indeed his, could have been taken during that robbery.'

The plot thickens. Could Tameka have broken into his car? Could Usher's relationship with Tameka have turned sour and her only means of revenge was releasing the tape? It's yet another celebrity mystery.

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