'Do U R2 take this woman...'

'Til death do us part'... 'or until my battery runs down and I need my parts replacing.' The latest twist on the idea of marriage is one woman's achievement of finally being wed in holy matrimony to the film-star of her obsessions...who just so happens to be a robot. And in particular, one R2D2 of Star Wars fame, the Official Star Wars blog tells us.

Bonnie Burton works at Lucasfilms and decided to write about her (fictional?) marriage to the robot that features in episodes one to six of the Star Wars films, detailing their adventures from speed-dating to knocking back a few cocktails at the G4 Hoth Ice Bar.

'Friday the 13, August 2010, was a good day for a droid wedding! He met me over at the Star Wars Celebration V Commitment Chapel where my flower droid R2-KT, my Maid of Honor Adrianne Curry and Artoo’s Best Man Darth Vader were waiting. Luckily, C-3PO got his wires crossed and didn’t make it in time to protest.'

Move over 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding', this is much better entertainment!

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