Neigh-saying to gay horseplay

We think this story is a cross between a Jilly Cooper novel turned sour - where handsome grooms and blushing aristocratic ladies exchange fevered glances over a fine dappled mare - and a skit from 'Little Britain'. Such is the situation that unfolded when a stable boy repeatedly harassed a female manager at the St. Ives Equestrian Centre in Bingley, West Yorks in a sexual way, despite being gay.

In what could have been a landmark employment tribunal case, Louise Smith, 25, explained how the unnamed offender would grab her between her legs, make crass comments about her physique and would simulate sex with her by grabbing her hips whilst standing behind her, Pinknews reveals.Ms. Smith was finally awarded £12,300 in damages.

'When [Ms. Smith] complained to her bosses about the harassment, she was accused of lying and was later sacked, the Daily Mail reports.'

'She said the harassment began about a month after she was promoted to manager. Ms Smith said that in the first incident, the groom grabbed her breasts as they passed in the yard and remarked that gay men 'love boobs and bums'.'

Poor guy. Maybe he was the only gay in the village and had spent a little too much time with the horses. Which, to the untrained eye, appear to be of either sex...

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