Spray on condom : awkward moments just got worse

Noone cherishes those awkward few moments when a condom is introduced into proceedings. Well now, instead of 'playfully' tearing open a condom, imagine fumbling under the bed for a spray can and literally pumping one up out of thin air!

That's right (had to happen at some point) German sexperts have come up with a revolutionary new condom which is sprayed directly onto a mickey. The contraption works by spraying pure liquid latex from a 'discreet' chamber onto said member - which then dries and is ready for action within a 20-25 seconds timeframe. Latex lightning!

German inventor Jan Vinzenz Krause came up with the idea after realising how difficult it can be to find condoms for the more, ahem, well endowed gent. (Him not included). Krause is sure that because of the 'one size fits all' USP his spray on condom will be an overnight sensation.

"Technology can enable us to spray a condom on an erect elephant...this could lead to a revolution!" exclaimed the excitable German. Could well do, but one thing's for sure, the spray on mickey wipe won't come cheap. £17 for the chamber, and £5-7 for latex refills which produce a maximum of 20 condoms per time. Big passion killer, or quirky icebreaker? We say the latter.

Check out the CSI team solving a spray on condom murder mystery. Writers were going through a dry patch.

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