Spray before you play - Germans invent new condom

A German company has invented a spray-on condom to fit all sizes. ‘If you go into a drug store to buy condoms, the ones they sell are mainly suited to men with the average penis length of 14.5 centimetres (5.51 inches), but a lot of people have penises that are smaller or larger than that,’ explains Jan Vinzenz Krause, director of the Institute for Condom Consultancy.

The device works like a carwash. The man inserts his penis into a chamber and it is sprayed all round with liquid latex. (Let’s hope it’s not too cold!) The condom is currently being tested and is receiving mixed reactions. Some guinea pigs said it was great to have a condom that fitted properly, others that they couldn’t imagine using the device in the bedroom. Imagine the look on your special friend’s face when you pull this one out.  The sight of it is one thing, but it also makes a loud hissing sound as it sprays your bits. Ssssssssexy…

It’s also not quite as portable as the traditional condom. Unless your wallet is the size of a small suitcase.

The spray condom will be on the market sometime in 2008 for a price of around €20, working out at around 50p more than traditional condoms.

(Image: from cassarani’s flickr stream)

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