Spitzer right-royal sex scandal

Okay, we love it when people in the public eye get caught with their trousers down.

New York governor Eliot Spitzer is our new favourite. The man built his career on fighting organised crime and condemning prostitution, so seeing him caught with a call girl is, well, funny. Eliot Spitzer has now resigned over his ‘private failings’ – though, with the nickname The Steamroller, we think that’s probably the least of his problems.

So with Spitzer in mind, let’s cast our minds back over the world’s sleaziest profession, with our top five political scandals.

Winner, of course, is Bill Clinton, whose definition of ‘sexual relations’ nearly brought down the US government.  The UK has never quite reached such dizzy heights, but it has its fair share of scandal.

There’s our own Mr John Major, and his four-year affair with Edwina Curry. Maybe it wasn’t earth-shattering, but it gets extra points for the Yeeurrch! factor.

Going back to the 60s we have the Profumo affair, involving a Russian spy, a showgirl, a country mansion and the secretary of state for war. James Bond eat your heart out.

Next is the story of Tory politician David Mellor and his toe-sucking mistress Antonia de Sancha, whose story sold to the papers for £30,000.

And who could forget Stephen Norris? Not us – the image of his supposed antics is burned irrevocably into our memory.

(Image: from telethon’s Flickr stream)

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