Sperm for tickets

Really want to go to a festival this summer, but don’t have the cash? Well, a new initiative has been launched to help all those young guys, who have no dosh, but lots of, errm, seed...

A website is offering free festival tickets to men aged between 18 and 50, for a donation of their sperm. Spermfortickets.com (imaginative name!) has decided to take action after stocks of sperm in Ireland began to dwindle. The demand for sperm from childless couples is at an all-time high, but it seems men just can’t be bothered to crack one off to help someone else out. Hoping to change all this, spermfortickets is offering free tickets to any European festival and all you have to do is leave a little deposit of the non-monetary kind. 

However we don’t know how well this is going to work. Sperm stores have diminished ever since the change in donor law. Three years ago, donors were no longer allowed to remain anonymous – meaning that children conceived from donor sperm could find their biological fathers.

Are people really going to give up their semen in exchange for three days stumbling round in a field with their favourite bands, when there’s the chance twenty years later a person might turn up on their doorstep looking for daddy? We don’t think so. Although nowhere on the website is there mention of this particular issue…

(Image: from ir0cko’s Flickr stream)

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