Become buff in the buff

As far as recession-busting changes to businesses and services go, we think we've seen them all: from cut-price entry fees to international brothels to free give-aways at sex shops (which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'goody-bag'!)But in Spain, one gym-owner/entrepeneur is hoping to cash in on the local appetite for all things naked by offering gym session for work-out enthusiasts in the buff, BBC News reveals.

Merche Laseca, owner of the Easy Gym in Arrigorriaga, in Spain's Basque region, hopes that more people will be encouraged to fork out for gym attendance for an environment in which they can relax and just hang out. The local area already boasts a number of nudist beaches as well as opportunities to take part in mass-naked activities in the Summer.

'Sceptics suggest that running full tilt in the buff might not be entirely enjoyable, though. Sports underwear, they point out, was invented for a reason.'

''Being a naturist doesn't mean being daft. If a woman needs to, she can put a top on!' says Merche Laseca. 'But there's cycling, weightlifting and the Stairmaster: there's lots you can easily do naked.''

At the time of going to press, Merche has yet to build attendance with only four people turning up to the first event. Maybe the locals are toning up in another gym before exposing themselves to other gym-goers in Laseca's gym!

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