Space sex ban

The thrill of being caught outside in a moment of passion is a spur for most couples, keen to 'mix it up' a little by going for romp in the nearby car-park or having a fumble at the frozen fish counter at their local supermarket. The expectation of getting caught outside and in public, with your pants/knickers around your ankles gets most people in a lather but bear a thought for those poor souls who are denying themselves some rough 'n' tumble in one of the least exposed areas of them all: outer space.

When asked at a recent press conference what would happen if his space cadets got a little cosy in the furthest reaches of our solar system, NASA Space Commander Alan Poindexter revealed that all of his crew had put a self-imposed ban in place and wouldn't be getting up to any kinds of mischief anytime soon, the Sun Online reports.

As this will be the first time that NASA has put four women into orbit, journalists at the press conference thought it an apt question to ask (minds on one thing, hey?) Commenting that 'personal relationships are not an issue' for the team, Poindexter pointed to the great professional bond between the colleagues.

Bravo, we say, but then again, how easy is it to actually have sex in space anyway?

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