Possibly not invited

We think Kate and Wills might be glad of having one less seat at the wedding to worry about, despite the run-up to the big day generating more press stories coverage than your average X-Factor season. After all, Kate Middleton recently admitted to having understandable wedding jitters and what might make those jitters turn into an all-out meltdown would be the sight of a distant relative at her wedding who also happens to be a sexy Burlesque dancer.

Those avidly commenting on the preparations for the royal nuptials have been digging away at UK family trees to unearth connections to the fiance of the son to the heir apparent, Prince William. According to the Daily Mail, they discovered one Katrina Darling, who, unlike her name, likes to get down and dirty with popping body-covering balloons and showing off her assets in a Union Jack thong:

'Miss Darling is a burlesque dancer and her signature act, aptly titled God Save The Queen, ends with her attired in nothing more than red nipple tassels and a barely-there thong. In [another] of Miss Darling’s acts, she covers herself in balloons and then pops them one-by-one to reveal a sexy outfit beneath. Other props include fire jets and an eight-foot python.'

Rather than see Prince Charles undertake some brave attempt at 'doing the robot' on the dance floor after the day's events, guests might have preferred a routine from Katrina. If Prince Phillip's ticker could handle it, that is.

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