Soixante-neuf? More like shikkusu nain…

Despite often being referred to by its French name, the soixante-neuf (or sixty-nine) was enjoyed by the Japanese way before their European counterparts. Evidence of couples enjoying the sexual position in Japan dates back to 986AD and by the late 13th century was recognized as a ‘form of intense love’. This is a far cry from the Christian crusades in Europe where chastity belts were practically a must-have fashion item.

In Japan, shikkusu nain is the most commonly used expression for this sexual practice. However, there are several different names for the position depending on exactly how the two lovers arrange themselves. When the man is on top of the woman, it is called mukudori. Reversed it’s gyaku mukudori. On the side it’s futatsu tomoe. And with the man seated with the woman upside down with her legs around his shoulders it’s hiyodori-goe no sakaotoshi. Try getting your tongue round that!

These are just a few of the many variations – one instructs the man to put the female into hot water first.

Certainly gives a new spin to: ‘Put the kettle on, love…’

(Image: from caseywest’s flickr stream)

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