False flesh

New levels of perving have been invented and no, we don't mean a loyalty card for every entry into Spearmint Rhino with an extra lap-dance thrown in free for your 20th visit...(does that card actually exist?) No, we mean the ultimate in computer technology meets social voyeurism in the form of software that allows people (by which we mean young men) to look at other users on Facebook with no clothes on.

Before you log-on to your profile to check for any indecent photos that would make it easy for someone to catch a glimpse of you in your all-together, be advised that this software manipulates the appearance of dense materials and fabrics to make them seem see-through and enhances features such as muscle toning and breasts, The Smoking Jacket informs us.

'But there is more than the promise of haphazardly slapping your sister’s hot friend’s head on someone else’s body that’s being promise here. They also claim that FalseFlesh 'works on non cotton bathing suits by filtering out gamma/infrared rays of light and allows for the visual enhancement of breasts and nipples creating a see through effect.' Disturbing!'

The software might not necessarily be a bad thing - just think of all the extra friends you might suddenly get if people come across a picture of you looking buff in the buff!

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