SMS crazy teacher ‘shared shower with girl pupils’

A woman teacher shared a shower with teenage girls and also showered them with text messages, a disciplinary tribunal heard yesterday.

Naughty music teacher Debbie Lloyd-Jones, 36, could face the sack over allegations she bought two girls gifts and sent them messages online and by text saying ‘I love you.’

The disciplinary panel was told how she saucily stripped off after a school musical show to share a shower with some of her pupils, choosing to wash with the girls when she could have used a separate cubicle.

Prosecutor Huw Roberts said: ‘'Mrs Lloyd-Jones showered and involved in inappropriate behaviour while pupils used the showers.

'There may have been some horseplay and they splashed each other with cold water.

There is no suggestion of sexual connotations.'

The married teacher denies the allegations of inappropriate behaviour, and has since left the 600-pupil Oakland Comprehensive School in Gwent, where she was head of music.

Between March and May 2007, Mrs Lloyd-Jones is alleged to have sent over 1000 messages, 25 picture messages and to have made 44 phone calls to one pupil. Police conducted an investigation at the time, but she was not charged with any crime.

The trial, as they say, continues.

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