Smell something bad?

Those in the UK who have recently tuned in to the latest fantasy-based book-to-film adaptation of George R. R. Martin's epic tales of the'Songs of Ice and Fire' will have noticed the lean, mean fighting machines known as the Dovraki, with their hard-as-nails fighting style and permanent scowl. Which, according to a recent scientific study, adheres them to women.

Thanks to the hard work carried out by the British Columbia University in Canada, and more importantly by Professor Jessica Tracy, UBC Department of Psychology, ladies the world over now understand why a low brow and expression that spells trouble equals attraction, whereas a cheeky smile and open expression on potential mates is a turn off, Jezebel tells us.

Smiling on a man is associated with weakness, vulnerability and the desire to appease rather than roll up your caveman leopard-fur sleeves and get stuck into a good old fashioned bout of fisticuffs to prove yourself more masculine. In reverse, men apparently favour women who look cheerful, as they look more willing to engage in a little hanky-panky:

Professor Tracy goes on to explain that 'generally, the results appear to reflect some very traditional gender norms in Western cultures [...] These include norms and values that many would consider old-fashioned and perhaps hoped that we've moved beyond.'

Guys, the next time your date goes badly, just look menacing and theaten the waiter. Girls, your best bet is to grin and bear it!

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