Smart sex toy tailored to your fun

A new ‘intelligent’ vibrator is on the market for all you sex toy connoisseurs. Looking a bit like a purple slug, the new technology called the SaSi promises to give you the best mechanical loving by remembering your preferences. The vibrator has five different movements, as developers found that the simple up-down-all-around didn’t quite suffice.

Now this is where the ‘intelligence’ comes in. If you don’t like a particular one of the five movements, you press a button and it moves to a next one. But if a certain movement really gets you going then press the ‘don’t stop’ button. The machine stores this information in your favourites and uses the movements you like with more frequency next time you use it. Wow! And we thought iPods were clever…

It seems we are ever more advancing with regards to devices to get us off. If things carry on the way they are, we really will one day be having sex with robots.

(Image: from jejoue.com)

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