Sloggi wins prize for most degrading advert

An advert for the Swiss underwear company Sloggi has won dubious honour of the most degrading advertisement to women 2009. The ad features a close-up of a woman's behind wearing one of the aforementioned company's thongs along with the slogan 'On Special Offer'.

The award for 'promoting pornography and prostitution' was given to Sloggi by the French feminist group the Guard Dogs, which awards gold, silver and bronze medals to what it judges to be the most sexist adverts of the last 12 months.

Italy, the land that feminism not only forgot but decided to leave sleeping, was also high on the list thanks to a ridiculous advert for Lavezza coffee featuring a semi-naked woman on all fours in wolf fur framed by the Colosseum. The Lavezza ad picked up the top prize for 'gratuitous nudity that has nothing to do with the product'.

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