Skinny & preppy vs. muscle meathead

We're a step closer to solving that eternal, elusive mystery of 'What Women Want', and no we're not talking about falling into a bath with a plugged-in toaster a la Mel Gibson style (though you might think he'd been doing that in his free-time recently.)

A bizarrely named New Zealand anthropologist by the name of Barnaby Dikson has looked at compatability across the centuries and believes that ladies like a man of a thin, slender build, whom they think are more caring and less aggressive, rather than the gym-going, muscle-bound Atlas type, when it comes to choosing a partner.

In shocking revelations on the Metro Online website, Dikson also believes that 'men and women are most attracted to others who are of the same attractiveness as themselves', meaning that if you think someone's way out of your league, genetically speaking, they are.

Grave implications abound for the human-race: gyms will now lose a staggering amount of male members and people on the pull will drink a lot, lot more to get those all important beer goggles.

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