Racy Rih re-robed

Best known for her racy performances in futuristic tank-girl outfits and inspiring sapphic lust in British soul-singer Adele, Rihanna has become the famous figure-head for curvy girls and popstars who need a little sugar-coated raunch in their performances.

However, not all audiences are welcoming of the singer's preference to showing more than a little flesh it seems, even if it is to promote the launch of her first ever fragrance 'Reb'l Fleur', Oh No They Didn't announced.

Instead of showing the UK/US version of Rihanna's advert, which depicts the singer with smelling a rose with her trademarked fiery red hair coiffeured to perfection, Kuwait instead decided to show a photoshopped, and altogether more conservation version:

'The ads have been altered in Kuwait where the perfume was just released, to cover Rihanna's low neckline. This follows H&M's ads being altered in Dubai earlier this year.'

Maybe the suggestion that Rihanna's manufactured and bottled scent would turn Kuwait's teenage girls into loose-robed women was too much for the authorities to bear!

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