Simply scrumptious

Kelly Brook’s ex Danny Cipriani may play fly-half, but it’s more like left-back in the changing room these days as his model ex-girlfriend tackles another high flying rugby pro, Cipriani’s former team-mate Thom Evans.

Last week’s fledging rumour has sprouted into a full-blown listening campaign. One exceedingly long-zoomed lens caught the couple embracing last week, with Brook fondling Thom’s biceps while he - grinning, with his eyes focused on her ample chest - wrapped his arms around her.

The pair hit Guy Ritchie's Punch Bowl pub in Mayfair in the early hours of yesterday, where again they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and didn't seem to care who saw.

Evans, who retired from professional rugby this year after a near fatal injury, is a cousin of Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans. He played for the London Wasps with Kelly's ex Danny Cipriani from 2004 to 2006.

Danny is said to be furious at the ‘treachery’ of his ex-team-mate, though there’s little he can do about it from Australia, where he moved in June this year to play for the Melbourne Rebels. Ironically, it was he who dumped TV presenter and model Brook after two years together.

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