Simple sex education stifled

'Fond' memories of sex education at school involve trying to fit an XXS-sized condom over a banana (which lead to years of confusion over what size you should buy) and listening to a lecture about sexually-transmitted diseases which made me reconsider any form of human physical contact. So when a US school allowed safe-sex kits to be handed out to students, why was there such an outcry?

Possibly because the kits given out to students at the Monadnock High School board in Swanzey, U.S., also contained candy and flavoured condoms and lube which, it was believed, would stir students into a frenzy of libidinous behaviour in a mad rush to taste the rainbow of fruit-flavours, the Huffington Post reveals.

'More than 70 students picked up the kits distributed last month by a group called AIDS Services as part of a World AIDS Day presentation. Some parents were upset. Susan MacNeil of AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region tells WMUR-TV that it's unfortunate some people are upset. She says the lubricant was included because it reduces the chance of a condom breaking.'

Looks like its back to the phallic-shaped fruit exercises & lessons on STD's with more than 10 syllables for this lot.

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