Bizarre bunga bunga baci

Further revelations abound as to the sordid, behind-the-scenes details of what actually happened during those now infamous Bunga Bunga sex parties that Berlusconi and his cronies are trying so desperately hard to cover up. We predicted that it might involve some form of S&M mud-wrestling, or even kinky role-play involving a Prime Minister and naughty secretary scenario. Or maybe even a chance to spank members of his staff dressed up as the leaders of the opposition. The truth, it seems, is stranger than fiction.

The Ladies over at Jezebel have passed on a prime tidbit of information that openly exposes Italy's premier for what he really is: a pagan worshipper. Harking back to a time before Ancient Rome, Berlusconi demanded that those ladies of the night that attended his famous sex orgies kiss the phallas of Priapus, the Ancient Greek fertility god, who possess a massive, constantly erect penis!

'According to guests who testified today, the Italian PM brought out a statue of the god Priapus (known for his large boner), and asked the assembled women to kiss it. Then he asked, 'Are you ready to bunga bunga,' led the ladies into a room with a pole, and told them to dance and strip.

This seems to put the antics of English members of Parliament to shame. All we seem to be able to offer in way of tabloid juicy gossip is the occasional rent-boy soliciting shame, adultery within the ranks of political parties or MPs claiming they have become celibate. Not so spicy, it seems.

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