Silvio slipped me £100k

A weather presenter was allegedly paid £100,000 in hush money by Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi after she attended his infamous ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties.

Prosecutors claim that Alessandra Sorcinelli, 26, received £8,500 a month from the beleagured politician. She said that he helped her through ‘difficulty’ and insisted that the sex dos were ‘elegant dinners’.

The sexual appetite of the rampant 74-year-old has led to comparisons with Roman Emperor Caligula, who was famed for his lusty cravings. Investigators have made murmurs that ‘interesting photos’ have been uncovered from the bashes, which are rumoured to have included pole dancers in kinky nurse and police uniforms.

Berlusconi is alleged to have paid an under-age belly dancer Karima El Mahroug, 17, for sex. Meanwhile, another TV presenter, Marysthell Garcia, 27, admitted sleeping with the PM to help with the medical bills for her five-year-old girl.

Down, but cetainly not out. Yesterday a poll showed his party's popularity has risen 2.6 per cent.

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