Silent orgasms: the real deal?

It could be loud enough to wake the neighbours and bring the house down or a quiet murmur that's barely audible above the creaking mattress springs. Either way, scientists claim that women's vocalisations in the sack are rarely connected to whether they have had an orgasm and are mainly used to give men more encouragement.

Scientists at the University of Central Lancashire carried out research into the types of noises women make, which ranged from 'moans', and 'shrieks' to actual words such as 'yes' and 'more', to see whether they corresponded to a woman's sexual climax, the Metro online reveals.

The results were perhaps not too surprising: '92% of women ‘faked it’ in order to boost their man’s self-esteem and make him feel more confident about his performance in the bed-room and his desirability.' 66% of women also confessed to using vocalisations to speed up their partner's performance and bring them to a quick finish. Interestingly enough, more female partners were found to have had their orgasm by the foreplay stage, but go on to scream and shout during intercourse. Blokes have never been so confused.

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