Shut up and smile

Ladies, are you on the hunt for a man? Have you been working your way through the canon of great literature to hone your mind? Don't be silly, men don't want to hear you speak - just smile! A lot. About 35 times an hour to be precise.

The not entirely feminist advice comes from a new book called Decoding Love by Andrew Trees which informs us that: 'women who are seen as blatantly taking the initiative with men are perceived negatively. Science suggests that success is all about subtle (and usually non-verbal) clues.'

'Eye contact - especially when combined with a smile - is extremely important. But how much do you need to give? In a 1985 study, researchers made an attractive woman target a man roughly 10ft away and then see what it took to get him to approach her within 10 minutes. They tried several variations: eye contact once or several times, either alone or paired with a smile.

Men don't just need encouragement. They need a lot of encouragement. Multiple times and in multiple ways. Even making eye contact multiple times, if that signal wasn't accompanied by a smile, had only a modest success rate of less than 20 per cent. To be highly successful, a woman needed to make eye contact multiple times and accompany that eye contact with a smile.'

Got that? So what are you waiting for, ditch those books and start showing those pearly whites...

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