Shocking shenanigans behind bars

Behind bars and closed doors, it seems more goes on than meets the eye in British prisons. After the recent story of a prison officer who couldn’t resist the charm of a detainee who referred to himself as ‘thug’, comes the latest revelation of a married female prison officer who performed lurid sex acts on a murderer and then, to round things off, offered to have his baby.

Danny McLean, 20, was jailed for life for murdering 16-yearold Shakilus Townsend in 2008, told a court that Emma Beard had lured him into secret sex sessions and sent him love letters including saucy pictures.

McLean said: ‘I told her I wanted to have a baby but obviously I can't because I'm in prison... she just offered.’

But her defence said the stories were part of a ‘web of blackmail’ by McLean. Beard, 31, pleaded guilty to misconduct, but denied a sexual relationship, admitting only to having ‘inappropriate’ relations with McLean at Feltham Young Offenders Institute.

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