She’s been to Elin back

It seems that Elin Nordergren is finally getting over her very public divorce from golf’s number one philanderer, Tiger Woods.

The Swedish ex-model, 30, is reportly getting close to a hunky 35-year-old South African student at the college in Florida where they are both studying.

A friend of Elin said told the Sun: ‘There’s been kissing and cuddling but I don’t know if it’s gone further.’

The news comes just days after a porn star, who was selling a purported sex tape of herself and Elin’s love-rat ex-hubby Tiger, claimed she was paid off by the shamed star.

Devon James, who claims to have had an affair with Woods, is now closing the website where she was selling the tape for 20 dollars a pop.

Not that Elin needs to worry about that anymore – she divorced Tiger in August. After receiving £100million as part of the divorce settlement, the mum of two can afford to live on easy street for some time yet.

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