Sexy Canadian treats

The Canadians, not happy with the clichéd box of chocolates this Valentine’s, have come up with these little treats. Canadian confectioners Sugah! have made chocolate bars with a difference. Each bar is covered in sex – literally. Every delicious morsel is wrapped with an illustration from the Karma Sutra – available in boxes of seven, one for each day of the week!

And the wrapper is not the only saucy thing about these sweet little things. The chocolate is a special blend of Belgian chocolate and aphrodisiacs – ranging from fenugreek to ginger. So if you’re not in the mood for trying out the Karma Sutra before the chocolate, you certainly will be after these. Sadly they can only be bought in Canada, so only the Canucks will be able to enjoy them in just over a week’s time.

Since sex and chocolate always has been a winning formula, we think they should start shipping to the UK!

(Image: from rick’s flickr stream)

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