Sex...With Mum and Dad

A BBC 3 show reveals the promiscuous nature of Britain’s youth. Sex…With Mum and Dad, follows the sex lives of UK’s teenagers, revealing some startling home truths. The young people have to talk frankly to their parents about their sex lives in order to build better family relationships. The parents, in turn, have to talk about their sex lives. (So a lot of red faces all round…)

One case is that of 18-year-old Cheryl Tunney from Dagenham, who since losing her virginity at 16 has slept with over 150 men – most of whom she can’t even name. Shocking? Cue Essex-girl joke here…

More startling about this story is that 50 of these 150 men were complete unknowns who she met over the internet. They could’ve been anyone! They also did an STI test, which somehow came back all clear. Wethinks Cheryl to be a very lucky girl…  

(Image: from Dale Gillard’s flickr stream)

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