If proof were ever needed that storing naked photos of yourself on your email account is not a great idea, then here is that proof: a man from California has been found guilty of hacking into hundreds of women’s email accounts, finding naked pictures of them, and sending them to all their contacts.

In a crime dubbed ’virtual rape’ by one victim, Information Week reports that 23-year-old Samuel Bronk searched Facebook for women whose email addresses were public. He then got in touch with their email providers, and, pretending he’d forgotten the passwords, got their accounts reset. Once in the accounts, he searched the inboxes and sent message folders for naked pics. The photos he found he then emailed to the victim’s entire address book, and in some cases he posted the photographs to victims' Facebook pages. He also ‘sextorted’ some of the women, blackmailing one to send him nude video footage of herself.

The bonkers Bronk is now looking at seven felony charges after an FBI inquest in yet another cautionary tale highlighting privacy issues on the web.

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