(Sex)Life begins at 40

Good news all round for middle-aged couples as a new survey from Top Sante magazine shows that married forty year olds have a bright, new, sexy future ahead of them. However, considering our previous story on how your sex-life can dwindle at 45, it seems like you have only five years to appreciate the best sex of your life. This news is not so uplifting after all.

The survey indicates that couples at the age of 40 become 'adventurous' and 'confident' and can really let rip with all sorts of sexual shenanigans, the Mirror online reveals.

'Nicola Down, editor of Top Sante magazine which carried out the survey, said: 'The real sexual adventure begins when the children are older or have left home.' However, nine out of ten mums with young kids complain that their sex-life is over.

With such a small window of time available, you'd best make the most of it/head over to Ann Summers.

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