Sexless Japan

It has traditionally been men who have felt threatened by the whizzing, whirring and quite often giant proportions of dildos. Feeling they cannot live up to the non-stop buzzing machines, promising 0 to orgasm is 60 seconds, men have feared their place in the bedroom could be taken up by a huge hunk of rubber. But a new study has revealed that women may too start to share these fears.

Men in Japan are turning to sex toys for their sexual kicks rather than women. Some Japanese men say they prefer to go at it with their gadgets not just because they do not require love and affection, but with advances in male masturbation aids they even feel better. This may sound all well and good for the guys, but it is having further consequences…

Dr. Tsuneo Akaeda, head of the Akaeda Clinic in Tokyo's Roppongi entertainment district says: "Some of the masturbation aids coming out nowadays are absolutely incredible. Guys become used to using these and there is no doubt that many men are unable to obtain the necessary satisfaction from a female vagina that they need to ejaculate."

So ladies of Japan – from now on you might want to make rather a lot of effort, if you ever want to get some. Then again – you’re probably content with your sex toys too – so everyone’s pretty much happy. And with no one having sex anymore – this will certainly sort out those packed trains in more ways than one

(Image: from robertdouglass’s flickr stream)

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