(se)xbox live

The things you can do with a computer games console these days. We've only just gotten used to being able to shake a remote control at a screen in order to serve a Wimbledon-like ace of a serve in a tennis game and now, messaging and playing online? The definition of 'playing' online has become a fairly loose term, it seems.

A US mother-of-three, Rachel Ann Hicks, 36, used the famous 'Xbox' Microsoft console to maintain contact with a thirteen year old boy she met online, whilst posing as a 23 year old girl. After talking, came messaging, texting, sex-texts and finally the seducing of a minor, Jezebel reports.

'Local authorities say Hicks visited the boy IRL when she went to Florida to visit family for Thanksgiving. 'She met the victim at his home and while his parents were asleep she had sex with him,' Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said. Hicks was arrested on suspicion of rape and child molestation and is currently being held without bail.'

Maybe Rachel Ann thought she was playing 'The Sims' live...?

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