Sex with son sends Mum to jail

We, at Excite, have a pretty broad mind when it comes to all things sex-related; writing for 'sexploits' enlarges your horizons somewhat. However, we weren't prepared for this astonishing soap-story like tale of Aimee Louise Sword and her son: warning - this doesn't make for comfortable reading.

Having given her son up for adoption fourteen years ago, Aimee Louise Sword, 36, regularly received a photo of her son each year, from his adoptive family since he joined their family, the Sun Online reveals. However, her son reached his fourteenth year, she didn't get a photo and so decided to track him down via a social networking site.

What happened next is anyone's guess but Aimee and her son, still under the age of consent hooked up in a hotel and in both their homes in Waterford Township, in Michigan, US. Aimee has since been charged with 'four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct' although she only claims to have slept with the boy once.

Needless to say, the masses were gobsmacked and amazed that this could have happened. Aimee's lawyer, Mitchell Ribitwer said that 'Aimee is searching for a reason why this happened. She can't understand it. She's going to get some counselling.' Might be wise to book that counsellor in for the next few years - she's certainly going to need it.

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