Sex tape victory for Ashton Kutcher

Famous person Ashton Kutcher will be basking in the glory of a legal victory tonight after porn company Vivid Entertainment agreed to remove his name from the promotional material for a sex tape.

Imagine you’re famous and your name is being used to sell a porn tape you’ve had no involvement with whatsoever. You’d be severely miffed if not downright seething, which is why the Just Married star threatened to sue after he was named in a press release for Vivid Entertainment’s forthcoming adult video featuring Brittney Jones, who claims to have lain with Kutcher.

The press release declared: ‘Ashton's fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced.’

Porn boss Steve Hirsch at first claimed the actor's complaint to be ‘without merit’ but seems to have second thoughts after a number of legal exchanges.

A representative for Vivid told TMZ.com: ‘We decided not to use the A-lister's actual name in connection with the sex tape.’

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