Sex sells? Not for much longer

Regional newspapers that run sex ads in their pages could soon land themselves in hot water in a clamp down against the sex trafficking trade.

Following a five year long campaign by charity Croydon Community Against Trafficking over the use of trafficked women in the London borough’s illegal massage parlours, it seems the Met Office has finally decided to take a stand.

Detective Inspector Hyland of the vice unit said police wanted to work with London newspapers to stamp out the mucky advertisements.

He said: ‘Our aim is to reduce the demand for exploitation and trafficking and protect vulnerable women. We also want to highlight the serious crimes that brothel owners commit.’

Advertising brothels is big business for regional newspapers, calculated to be worth more than £44m in 2006. But with editors and publishers liable to be charged with aiding and abetting sex-trafficking and money-laundering, is it really worth it? Maybe they’d be better off leaving out the smut and concentrating on the news.

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