Sex robots a reality

It’s news bound to send robot fetischists nuts (and bolts). Fully functioning sex robots are heading to the UK.

The man behind it is US inventor Scott Maclean, 47, from West Virginia. He confirmed the interest from the UK: ‘We've had a few people from the UK contact us, including a gentleman who claimed he was a duke. We've got a few people from Europe, Russia, Korea, all over,’ he said.

‘I've had people ask me to create a robot that looks like Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson. But I can't model them on people in the public eye without the star's permission.

‘A couple of weeks ago I was in a discussion with a lady to build one that looked like Graham Norton. She sounded serious.’

Douglas Hines, 48, who has developed his own ‘fem-bot’, Roxxxy, believes people could form intense relationships with robot companions, saying: ‘Can people fall in love with these robots? Yes they can.

‘Our testers started calling the robots 'he' or 'she' and establishing a relationship, calling it by a name.

‘Love is a bonding experience where you have shared viewpoints and where you feel for each other. We try to get the robots as close as possible to that.’

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