Sex or chocolate? Chocolate or sex?

It's well a known fact that ladies love chocolate. But if they were asked to choose between their favourite sugary snack or an evening of rumpy pumpy surely they’d all opt for sex, wouldn’t they? Er, no they wouldn’t.

According to a new survey as many as one if five ladies would give up sex than rather go without a choccy fix, and on top of that over 30% said they often fantasize about their favourite chocolate bar. The poll, conducted by Kelloggs (hang on! are they trying to get some free advertising?) also showed that 25% of ladies preferred chocolate to alcohol and perfume. 56% of men on the other hand said they prefer sex to anything else.

Choco-holic expert Ms Sally Tribe explained the findings: ‘they feel guilty about indulging in something that doesn't give them any benefit other than pleasure’.

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