Sex life begins at forty

When you're young and frisky like we are, you can't imagine that having a spot of nooky with your hot young strumpet could ever be anything resembling a chore. After all you're youthful, carefree and have the raging horn all the time.

Well fast forward twenty years and things are different, very different. You're married to the same women, you've porked out a bit and done just about everything there is to do in the bedroom. So what now?

For Charla Muller, it was to go all out and offer her husband Brad the best 40th birthday pressie imaginable – sex every single day for a whole year. The couple, from North Carolina, wrote a book about their sexy travails called 365 Nights. In it you can find all sorts of sexy extracts, like this:

'Having sex regularly made me start looking around, wondering who else was getting good loving. Is it the good-looking women or the regular mums — like me?

'Looks can be very deceiving. Sometimes I don’t shave my legs and have stinky breath, but Brad still finds me sexy.' Aaaaaw.

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