Sex ‘lies’

Viewers of a popular TV news show were startled when Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi phoned in to trade insults with the show’s presenter.

The sleaze-hit prime minister, who denies hosting ‘Bunga Bunga’ sex parties, is being probed for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute reports The Sun.

Programme host Gad Lerner was discussing the scandal on La 7, focusing on a regional council member, Nicole Minetti, who stands accused of supplying Berlusconi with girls at his infamous sex bashes.

But the host got a surprise when a furious Berluconi phoned in to denounce the programme as a ‘television whorehouse.’

He continued: ‘What I’ve seen is crude, crappy and repugnant. What you have broadcast is false.’

But the host countered by calling the Italian premier a ‘buffoon’.

‘If you’re so confident, why not speak to prosecutors,’ he added.

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