Sex lessons at school a hit

Learning about the birds and the bees used to be a case of piecing together all the different rumours you heard in the playground and coming up with something plausible.

But according to research done at Edinburgh University, kids these days get most of their sex knowledge from school lessons, not from friends or even their parents.

The survey, carried out in 300 schools across Scotland, also revealed that youngsters who said school was their main source of information on sex were less likely to have actually done it than those who claimed to have learnt about it from parents or friends.

That’s [reaching for calculator] 18% of boys and just under a quarter of girls who reported getting their information from school and had had sex, compared to over 40% of boys and girls respectively who cited friends as their main fount of sexual knowledge and had done the wicked deed of sexual intercourse.

Convincing? I’d say so. And researcher Jo Kirkby of the university’s child and adolescent health research unit would agree. She said: ‘This paper highlights the impact of the increasing prevalence of information provided about sexual matters to young people at school.’

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