Sex is best

Need more excuses to have sex? Surely not. But here are some anyway – just in case you are trying to justify that drunken quickie with that certain someone you’d rather forget.

Sex is great for your health. Yeah, yeah, great exercise ‘n’ all that, but here are some other health benefits you may not have heard of.

Getting all sweaty while doing the deed is great for your skin. It cleanses the pores by washing away nasty bacteria that causes rashes and blemishes. So you’ll improve your post-coital glow!

Allergies playing up? Sex is apparently a great anti-histamine and can even help unblock a stuffy nose or help asthma. However, if you’re partner is having an attack or has just gone into anaphylactic shock, we recommend calling an ambulance. Turning down the lights, putting on some soft music and shoving your tongue down their already swollen throat, really won’t help matters…

Other than that, off you go. Hump your way to better health!

(Image: from Kai Hendry’s flickr stream)

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