Sex in the ranks

Two high-ranking Army colonels were yesterday suspended for having an affair with each other.

Married Col Phil Harrison, 46, is accused of bedding engaged Lt Col Debbie Slay, 44 – taking the expression ‘close ranks’ a little too literally.

The Army is known to frown upon infidelity of any sort so this will come as an embarrassment for military top brass.

The affair came to light after engaged Lt Col Slay’s enraged partner made an official complaint to high command, accusing Col Harrison of romping with his fiancé behind his back.

They say don’t get high on your supply, and the colonels have been suspended pending an inquiry as strict Army rules ban officers from having affairs with anyone under their command.

While in this case the colonels are of equal rank and separate units, they may still be found guilty of falling below the high moral standards expected of them.

An MoD spokesman said yesterday: ‘All those found to fall short of the Army's high standards - or who are found to have committed an offence under the Army Act - are dealt with administratively or through the disciplinary process.’

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