Sex in the City's glamour nanny

Those that were able to endure two and a half hours of Sarah Jessica Parker's make-believe world of affordable couture, soulmates and menopausal moments will have no doubt stared agog at one scene in which Alice Eve - who plays Charlotte York's ample-chested nanny - bounds across a field to meet the girls without wearing a bra. Boys AND girls will have noticed that scene, we think.

This isn't the first time that attention has been drawn to Alice Eve's body, the News of the World notes. Previously, Alice stripped down to her birthday suit for 'her role as Claire Shepard in the Harrison Ford drama Crossing Over, made last year.'

The daughter of Brit actor Trevor Eve and star of 'Waking the dead' appears in another feature film and romcom released last week, 'She's out of my League'. We haven't yet checked whether she appears in the buff or without a bra in this film but fans of the curvaceous imitator of Irish accents will want to check it out.

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