Sex in the City

Ever wondered what life was like before the Rampant Rabbit? Or how hormonal teenage boys were put off bashing one out in the 19th Century – before the fabled stories that over-indulgence makes you blind?

Answers to these and other prurient questions can be found at Prague’s Sex Machine Museum. Here you’ll find the hand-cranked vibrator and the electroshock anti-masturbation machine. (Ouch! Or Ooh!)

A welcome change from the usual sightseeing, there’s something here to whet anyone’s appetite. The Sex Machine Museum is not just antique dildos and chastity belts. Oh no.

After perusing three floors with over 200 sexual accessories on display, you can then sit down to pore over the porn collection of King Alfonso of Spain, apparently ideal for ‘joyous rainy evenings’.  If, after that, you still don’t feel satisfied, you can pop off to the museum shop to stock up on whatever takes your fancy. Perhaps continuing your porn adventure in the comfort of your hotel room. 

(Image: from barb_ar’s Flickr stream)

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