Sex in the cells

A prison officer has been forced to quit her job in scarlet-faced shame after it emerged she’d been carrying on with one of the inmates.

Disgraced Giselle Woodford, 28, is married and a mum, yet such were her carnal urges that it’s claimed she romped with prisoner Jonathan Forrest, 21, in a prison interview room.

A prison source said Woodford fell for Forrest after being assigned as his personal officer - supposedly providing help and advice. The source said: 'Everyone knew they were at it. She was in his cell all the time laughing and flirting with him. Forrest worked out a lot in the gym and was a cocky Jack-the-lad, I think she got off on that.’

Woodford is the fifth officer in six year to quit from Onley Prison near Rugby over allegations of affairs.

The source said: ‘She jumped before she was pushed. She didn't want to risk being sacked and her husband finding out.

‘She's told him the prison is trying to stitch her up. But if you've done nothing wrong, why quit?’

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