Sex guru/sex pest

Quite unlike the film of the early nineties 'The Guru', which saw middle-aged American women turning to an Indian sex expert for advice, a jury recently heard the tale of Michael Lyons who abused devotees whilst pretending to be their spiritual saviour.

Wearing the robes of a Tibetan lama, and claiming to have a powerful 'organic manhood', Lyons, 52, better known as Dr. Mohan Singh or Mo, built a close circle of women around him who were fed intoxicating smoothies and subjected to hallucinogenic perfumes and incense to make them more suggestable, the Metro Online reports.

Lyons also 'told a number of wannabe actresses he had Hollywood friends and knew action star Steven Seagal well. He also claimed to have links with the Dalai Lama and to have treated the Queen.' In reality, a court heard two days ago, he was leeching off the money these women lavished on him whilst attacking them when they were under the influence. He has since been charged with raping one woman and sexually assaulting another.

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